Gospel Musician - Boshyeba Victoria 

BOSHYEBA VICTORIA - a Gospel Musician who has been in the music industry for twenty-twelve but has not been blown into the world like others.

According to her, the music industry has suffered a lot of setbacks to a lack of factors such as

 Publishers, Funding for music production, Distributors, And a Proper royalties system It's difficult to blow because the payload is the high cost of promotion on the electronic media especially the radio and television

She pleads, with the government to support them by encouraging local and foreign investors to invest in the industry; they should invest in musicians and other sectors in the industry. Also, more publishers must be encouraged and supported by the government to work in the industry.

She addedthat Ghamro leadership should still work hard to get a better royalty system for our industry. There is no equity in the distribution of royalties because of the lack of a logging system. The leaders are not collecting enough to pay members, court cases must seize for members to vote for the right leaders

They should institute the logging system, they should broaden their base to include more users where royalties will be collected such as transport operators, shops, and other offices where musicians are used. 

 However, I'm going for the position because I know I can manage the finances of the union and also have the skills to get sponsors for the union's programs, am very disciplined, and have the self-control to handle the union's funds, and will make sure all funds are paid through the banks and make sure financial reports are sent to members and national every quarter and will institute programs and events that will raise funds to support the union.


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