Good News: Actress Patricia Osei Boateng delivers twins after 6 miscarriages.


Ghanaian actress and producer Patricia Osei Boateng is basking in the radiant glow of motherhood after three years of walking down the aisle.

Despite enduring a harrowing history of miscarriages, Patricia Osei Boateng’s  prayers for the gift of motherhood have been answered by the living God she serves.

Patricia Osei Boateng, renowned for her roles in Kumawood cinema, has emerged triumphant in her personal battles, and her current chapter is one of sheer delight and profound transformation.

Following this great incident, Patricia Osei Boateng has disclosed that the journey to childbirth was not an easy tale, considering the heart-wrenching setbacks she had encountered in the past.

The talented actress is said to have suffered six miscarriages during this period of her marriage, so this moment is indeed one that she will cherish for the rest of her life.

Patricia Osei Boateng and her husband, Mr. Antwi Duku, exchanged vows on November 29, 2020, in a heartfelt ceremony held at Vida Bethel Prayer Ministry in Kumasi.


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