I Defined Musiga As Useless - Nicholas Omane Acheampong

Ghanaian gospel singer Nicholas Oman Acheampong is known best for his controversial and inspirational song, "Aposor". 
Recently "Nicholas Omane Acheampong" was invited for an insightful interview at the popular Accra-based radio station, "Dadi 101.1 FM," on the gospel show "Asore Ye De " hosted by DJ Forceby
According to the legend, Nicholas Oman Acheampong defined the Ghana Musician Union "MUSIGA" as a useless union, because he had been a member of the Ghana Musicians Union "Musiga" from day one of his music career and it's over 30 years.
But he had never benefited anything from the union. 
He added that he lost his father in the year 2002 and he informed the union about his father's funeral before the final funeral date, he served the union invitation with local wine.
None of the members showed up at his late father's funeral and did not even a phone call to check on him, after the late father's funeral he decided not to involve himself in the union anymore and moved on. 

He suggested that the Ghana Musicians Union "Musiga" must be reformed to stand well and bring more progression. 

Watch the video for more details 

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