Funny Face Must Apologize To My Family First Before We Can Consider The Next Action - Vanessa "Funny Face Baby Mama"


Funny Face still requires my presence in his life, however, He must first apologize to my family before we can consider next actions."

— Funny Face Baby Mama Vanessa Discloses.

In a recent online video, Vanessa, the mother of comedian Funny Face's children, stated during a TikTok interview that she is uncertain about the specific issues affecting Funny Face.

During the interview, Vanessa stated that in order to address the issues at hand, Funny Face should begin by offering an apology to her family as she perceives his derogatory remarks towards them as disrespectful.

In previous instances, the comedian expressed regret over being denied visitation rights with his daughters, whom he shares with Vanessa.

He has consistently resorted to airing his grievances on social media, resulting in adverse consequences when individuals attempting to offer him advice on resolving the situation were met with insults by Funny Face.

Subsequently, he would express remorse for his actions and plead for their forgiveness.    For the same reason, he also ended his relationship with the wealthy and well-known footballer Adebayor.

During the TikTok live stream, Vanessa implied that Funny Face is actively seeking a reconciliation with her.

She claimed that whenever he contacts her to communicate with their daughters, he consistently requests to speak with her as well, a request she refuses.

She revealed that she possesses a designated phone for communication with her nanny, allowing Funny Face to make video calls at any convenient time to speak with her daughters.

However, she expressed discomfort at his persistent requests to speak with her, considering the past verbal abuse that she and her family have endured.

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